Fancy a six day summer camping adventure? Look no further!

Every August Life Youth travels to the beautiful digs of The Norfolk Showground to join literally thousands of young people from all around the world for the newday festival. Why? Firstly, to have an absolute lark! Whatever your thing, newday promises to make sure the fun don’t stop. From footy to café-cruising to hanging out with friends to enjoying sweet sweet music, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice.

But the ultimate reason newday will rock your world is God. The real, true God who longs to have relationship with you. By taking six days out of a busy year, we give him space to speak to us, learn from great teaching, worship our socks off to give him the praise he deserves and be stirred into action for our return to reality.

Do you have to be a Christian to come to newday? NO! Everyone aged 12+ is invited and welcome, so please drop us a line at to find out more.

Check out the newday website
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 Life, death and the word  (Download MP3)
Daniel Goodman / 25/06/2017
 The hope of the gospel

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