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Adam & Lorna Bradley

Adam works full-time for Life Church, where he leads the eldership team. He and Lorna moved to Peterborough in December 2009. Before joining Life Church they lived in Attleborough (Norfolk) where they planted Christ Community Church. Prior to that they lived in a variety of places from Central London to Sheffield.

Adam and Lorna have three beautiful daughters, and a small dog named Clyde. Adam is passionate about church-based mission because through it 'we simply aim to bring the nations [people] into a white-hot enjoyment of God’s glory' (John Piper). He also loves running, watching movies and spending time with his family whenever he gets the chance. Lorna works as a Teaching Assistant at a local primary school. She loves baking and cooking with her girls, music, craft, sewing, walking the dog with the family and running. Lorna leads our LifeTots team.

Adam and Lorna Bradley 

Quick Q&A


What place would you most like to visit?
When I was at High School I started to learn Bengali in my lunch break. Although I didn’t make much progress, I’m still hoping that one day I can visit Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh).

What’s your favourite movie of all time?
Until 2010 I would have said the original Matrix, but after watching Inception I’m not sure now!


What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to face?
I think there were a number of challenges I faced when I worked as an outdoor pursuits instructor. One was my fear of going under water for long periods of time, either from falling out of canoes or sailing boats. Another was cooking for large groups, as then I wasn't great at cooking - but now I really enjoy it.

What scares you witless?
Snakes for sure, especially after having one in our bathroom in Zambia. I jumped into the bath and screamed my head off!

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